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Rory Weiler's Focus for the ISBA

Focus for the ISBA

Working to Demonstrate the Value of ISBA Membership and Build Community Among Attorneys

The Illinois State Bar Association provides many benefits and services for attorneys in Illinois, but many lawyers are unaware of the full extent of what the ISBA does and the value it provides. I plan to change this by showing the benefits of ISBA membership, working to build the ISBA's member base, and promoting community and collaboration in the legal profession.

As 3rd Vice President of the ISBA, I will:

  1. Build Even Better Practice Communities within our bar association to encourage greater participation in the ISBA, connecting attorneys by practice discipline and member identity. As just one example, the current listserves are an under-utilized resource. Let’s find a way to maximize the opportunities technology has created to better serve our members.
  2. Make Sure Members Know the Value of the ISBA while continuing to look for more tools to help members in their practices. I plan to review and enhance our marketing to and communication with our members to create greater awareness of the benefits of membership. I want to focus on the ISBA as the representative of Illinois lawyers in the practice and promotion of the legal profession while helping attorneys understand the perquisites of membership.
  3. Work With the ISBA Mutual Insurance Company, a great ISBA member benefit, to help our members. I plan to increase focus on the benefits of insuring with ISBA Mutual to increase membership and participation in the Mutual.
  4. Work to Add Large Law Firm Members to Strengthen the ISBA's Base. I will continue to work toward the creation of opportunities for larger law firms to join and participate in the ISBA and become Mutual insureds.
  5. Promote Cooperation and Collaboration with other Illinois bar associations to better serve and support the legal profession. I will work to create stronger partnerships with local, specialty, and minority bar associations to learn how to better serve our members, encourage diversity, and maintain existing and grow new membership. To this end, I plan to create a council of bar presidents/representatives to offer new input on how we can do what we do better.
  6. Be a Real Resource for Law Schools and Law Students. I want to implement regular meetings with law school deans to:
    1. Develop ideas as to what the ISBA can do to better assist the deans in preparing their students for practice. For instance, through legal clinics and other means, can we provide students with more and better practical, useful experience?
    2. Continue operating the council of law school deans that the ISBA has formed.
    3. Find out what the ISBA can provide or support to enhance the student’s law school experience, in the hopes of courting them as members.
    4. Enhance communication with the deans, faculty, and students to foster an environment for future membership. Can we work with ISBA Mutual to create an incentive for new lawyers to join the ISBA and become insureds?
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